The Education Behind Basketball

Basketball is a beloved American sport. The National Basketball Association was established in 1946 and has only grown and grown since then.

In 1996 NBA even created a women’s league, called the WNBA.

While there are several careers associated with the world of basketball, many young athletes have one thing on their minds – becoming a professional basketball player for the NBA.

Like any full-time, long-term career, this means that certain education requirements are in place, but to be a professional in this sport, the requirements might surprise you.

No one says you need a PhD to play basketball, but this is what you do need.

·    The NBA requires you to be at least 19 years old: Unlike baseball, basketball players cannot be drafted at 18 and in high school. Instead, athletes must be 19 or turn 19 sometime during the calendar year of the draft.

basketball prep schools

·    You are required to spend at least one year in college: The NBA also mandates that if you played at an American high school, you must spend at least one year in college before you can play professionally. This does not mean that you are required to go to basketball prep schools specifically, but there’s no doubt those schools look good on paper.

·    You are not required to have a high school education: This means you can have a GED.

·    You are not required to have a bachelor’s degree: Once you have completed your one year of college, that’s it. You are not required to have a completed degree. On the other hand, players do have the option to go back to college.

If there’s one thing you do need it’s a lifetime full of basketball. This means years and years of playing and a dedication to the sport. The NBA looks for skilled players, talented, with plenty of heart.