Learning To Protect Yourself

Self-protection is a major life skill that we all need to learn.  The majority of us will never find ourselves in a life or death situation or in a situation where we will need to fight another person.  For most of us, seeking peaceful and non-violent resolutions are preferred.  However, there are a few of us out their vent on doing harm to others.  They find something in themselves to do harm to others or find violent resolutions to situations simple because they feel it is easier. 

For those that want to find peaceful resolutions you will want to consider signing up to a class that teaches active threat response training.  In these classes you will be taught how to defend yourself if you find yourself in a situation that requires an active response.  When taking this class, you will learn how to defend yourself without the need for a gun.  In today’s society too many people will resort to a gun rather than other means.

Don’t act as expected

One of the greatest things that you can do when finding yourself in a situation is to act unexpectedly.  When you find yourself in a situation you need to remain in control.  If you are told to do something or to put yourself in a situation where you could be harmed or injured it is important that you resist.  If you are told to be quiet yell.  If you are told to move one direction move the other.  When you do something that is unexpected it will throw off your attacker and give you the advantage.  When your life is in danger don’t submit.  Fight back.

Plan ahead

active threat response training

When you find yourself in a situation you can begin to plan out the events in your head.  When you do this you are working the mind of your attacker.  What you want to do is play out events in your head and determine the course of action that your attacker wants you to do.  Then when you feel you are moving towards one of those situations you want to do the unexpected to thrown them off and cause them to panic and try to regain control.

When it comes to protecting yourself it is all about remaining calm and in control of the situation.  Once you lose control you can’t change the course of events.