4 Types of Checking Accounts

A checking account is pretty much a requirement for any individual looking to make payments on utilities, get paid for work done, and more. Whether you are online shopping or writing physical checks, your checking account comes in handy.

Checking accounts vary, though, and not every bank offers the same options. Some banks may also have certain fees associated with checking accounts, so you should look into the types of options available from your bank before making a decision on the checking account you want.

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Let’s get into some of the common checking account types you can get from a bank like Columbia Bank Woodbridge.


These bank accounts offer individuals the option to use a debit card, check, or even an ATM card to withdraw funds or make payments. You are also able to make payments online using these accounts, making them convenient.


A premium checking account gives individuals the chance to earn rewards and perks that are not offered with traditional accounts, such as free personal checks or money orders, waived fees, free safety deposit boxes, and more.


If you are in high school or college, you may benefit from a student checking account. These accounts do not have fees like other accounts and are more forgiving with overdrafts and ATM fees. They are excellent for individuals who are just learning how to manage their funds.


An interest-bearing account earns interest for the duration it is active. Some may require a certain amount of deposits or transactions or they may limit how much is earned. If you are interested in keeping the account and letting it build up and save money, you should consider this type of checking account.

These are just four of the common accounts you can get at a bank – there are plenty of other options that may be right for you, depending on your needs.